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Is a very popular and entertaining word finding game that is available on android and ios app store. We have the answers for this game available in many languages. Below we are listing the answers for this mobile game:
Codycross Cheats Solutions in English
Codycross Losungen in Deustch
Codycross Respuestas en Espanol

Wordscapes answers are also present on our website. Wordscapes provides a theme with each pack and you have to find out answers for the levels, answers which must be related to the theme you are in, so the theme serves you as a hint. Click the link below to get answers for the game:
Wordscape Answers
For Daily Wordscape Puzzle Answers just open the second link

Wordstack Answers
Wordstack is a puzzle solving word game where you have letters stacked into each other and you have to solve all levels according to a certain sequence or else you will not be able to solve the game. Once you solve a word, the word stack reorders much like a tetris game and you will be able to form another word. Click below to get the answers for this game
Wordstack Answers Solutions If you play italian games check Il Giardino Delle Parole